Marriage Certificate Attestation In Pune

A marriage certificate is proof that two individuals are legally married. The individuals as a couple are eligible to take advantage of the government policies approved for married people

Attestation proves that your marriage certificate of Pune is authentic to use legally in any foreign country. and it comes under the category of non-educational/personal documents. This certificate proves that you are legally married in the country you migrated to for work, education, or any other purpose.

Why Do You Need To Attest Marriage Certificate in Pune?

Attestation makes your document legal to use in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, or overseas. Here are some popular reasons you should run the process of Attestation for your marriage certificate in Pune.

  1. Family visa
  2. Spouse visa
  3. Adding spouse name in the passport
  4. Applying for a child passport
  5. Permanent residence visa
  6. Profiting government facilities
  7. Property planning benefits
  8. Medical rights

Attestation is a long, complicated process. Professional services are essential for an applicant to get his attested offline or online marriage certificate in Pune hassle-free and fast.

How To Get A Marriage Certificate Attested In Maharashtra?

There are three authorities to approve a marriage document for attestation - State Home Department, MEA, and Embassy.

The MEA, from March 1, 2012, runs attestation service through his outsourced agencies. The applicant can visit an authorized agency itself and submit the marriage certificate for the attestation process in Maharashtra.

On the other hand, the applicant can contact the agency and take their online service to pick and drop his document for attestation from his place.

The action of the authorities to accept indirect applications is done to make the marriage certificate attestation process less lengthy and fast for the departments involved in the verification and applicants' required attestation.

Process For Marriage Certificate Attestation In Pune -

The document for attestation verified by the three government departments - The State Home Department verifies all types of personal certificates as legal. After that, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) approves documents authentic or not for attestation. The third and last department is the Embassy of the applicant’s destination country verifies and attests marriage certificates in Pune.

Step By Step Process For Marriage Certificate Attestation Application

The following are the steps professional agencies run on behalf of applicants for fast and faultless attestation.

  • The Home Department of the state that issued the marriage certificate proves the document is genuine for the Attestation.
  • After the state level of verification of a marriage certificate of Pune, the MEA reverifies the document in his level to transfer it to the Embassy for Attestation.
  • The Embassy of the destination country of the applicant checks the marriage certificate of Pune carefully, then finally attest it legal with a stamp or sign.

So, these are the three legalization steps of a marriage certificate in Pune for the Embassy Attestation.

How Can You Apply For A Marriage Certificate Attestation?

As you have read above, the MEA accepts indirect applications for an offline or online marriage certificate in Pune through one of its outsourced agencies. SEPL is an agency-run attestation certificate offline and online process in Pune. Understand how you can apply for a marriage certificate attestation.

  • Approach the best professional and experienced attestation agency in Pune for a marriage certificate Attestation.
  • Communicate with professionals to discuss and solve your queries to avoid confusion regarding the attestation process of marriage certificates in Pune. Choose your marriage certificate attestation process - offline and online.
  • In the offline marriage certificate process in Pune, the applicant itself visits the agency office to submit and collect his documents for attestation.
  • In the online marriage certificate process in Pune, you can apply through the internet, and the agency’s person will collect and drop your document at your place.

Documents Required For Marriage Certificate Attestation In Pune

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter

There are professionals who help applicants to apply online for a marriage certificate attestation in Pune.

Processing Time For Marriage Certificate Attestation In India

The period of attestation for a marriage certificate in Pune, Maharashtra, depends on various aspects, such as;

  • The country you required attestation for.
  • The document type you have submitted for attestation.
  • The state issued the document.
  • Attestation procedure - Offline or Online
  • The agency you hired for attestation.

Approximately, attestation, whether offline or online marriage certificate process in Pune takes around eight to ten weekdays to finish.

However, some unexpected facts can stretch up the attestation process to a couple of weeks or sometimes more than a month.

Charges & Cost For Marriage Certificate Attestation

The fees of a marriage certificate attestation in Pune depend on the country you require the attested document and the state involvement in the attestation process.

Indeed the agency you approached offline or online for marriage certificate attestation in Pune will also charge something. It will also affect the cost of the attestation process.

On top of this, the type of document, attestation, and extra facilities like attestation of documents with offline and online services influences the fee structure of the attestation process.

To lock your attestation deal in a fair amount, you can call us now.

Why Do You Need Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. For Attestation in Pune?

Superb Enterprises Private Limited is a valuable name to provide accurate and hassle-free attestation services. We have achieved the honor of certifications from many Ministry Departments of India and UAE. The certificates and achievements are the appreciations that we got for our best and most beneficial customer services.

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