Embassy Attestation Services in Pune

Attestation is verifying the authenticity of the documents of someone moving abroad. Attestation of documents, like passports and visas, is a prerequisite followed by many countries to ensure that the people entering their territories have original and accurate certificates.

The whole process of attestation is handled by the Embassy of the country you are willing to go to for education, employment, etc.

The governments provide the attestation service through authorized agencies. Superb Enterprise is the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, authorized agency for attestation services in Maharashtra.

Embassy Attestation Role and Work

The Embassy is the foreign official(s) in another country to handle all the political, cultural, and social relationships between the two countries. When a person moves abroad, he carries some of his legal documents like a degree for education. The Embassy of your destination country confirms the authenticity of your documents with an attestation stamp.

Why Do You Need Embassy Attestation?

The embassy attestation of your legal documents is essential for the following goals.

  • Higher education in a foreign country
  • Obtain residence visa for children, spouse, or family
  • Secure a promising job in another country
  • Company registration
  • Import and Export
  • Business
  • Start a new business partnership

How Many Types of Documents are There for Embassy Attestation?

There are three types of documents people carry with them when they move abroad, namely, personal certificates like your birth or marriage, educational certificates are your degree or diploma, and commercial documents are export invoices or power of attorney.

Procedure for Educational Certificate Attestation by Embassy in Pune

  • Step1- Regional Verification

    The university where the document belongs verifies it to prove it is legal and authentic for embassy attestation.

  • Step2- HRD Attestation

    The state Human Resource Department verifies the validity of all educational certificates.

  • Step3- MEA Attestation

    MEA attestation on a document proclaims it is indeed valid and valuable for embassy attestation.

  • Step4- Embassy Attestation

    Finally, the Embassy of the country you are willing to go to will verify your documents and provide the attestation stamp.

Procedure for Embassy Attestation of Personal Certificates in Pune

  • Step1- Regional Verification

    The document is first verified by the department from where it originates.

  • Step2- State Level

    The state Home Department checks the authenticity of the personal document.

  • Step3- MEA Attestation

    The MEA proves if the document is genuine or not with an MEA attestation.

  • Step4- Embassy Attestation

    The Embassy of the country you are going to will verify your document and proves it is indeed authentic with an attestation stamp on its backside.

Process of Embassy Attestation for Commercial Documents in Pune?

  • Step1- Regional Verification

    The authenticity of your commercial document is verified by the department from where it belongs.

  • Step2- State Level

    The Chamber of Commerce verifies all commercial documents.

  • Step3- MEA Attestation

    The MEA confirms the commercial document is legal with an MEA attestation.

  • Step4- Embassy Attestation

    The Embassy or consulate of your destination country validates the document is advantageous with an embassy attestation.

How Many Days Will Take for Embassy Attested Certificate?

Generally, the attestation work completes in ten to fifteen days. However, the number of days to complete the attestation procedure depends on the factors like the type of document, the state department involved in the process, and the applicant's destination country.

How Much Does Certificate Embassy Attestation Cost in Maharashtra?

The costs of Embassy attestation depend on the following factors.

  • Type of document
  • The State Department
  • The Embassy of the country

Documents Required for Embassy Attestation in Maharashtra

The following are the documents necessary for an Embassy attestation.

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter

How to Get Embassy Attestation for Certificates in Pune?

If you are looking for embassy attestation services near me, feel free to approach us via one of the following media.

  • Contact number - +91-11-41855999
  • Website chat window - https://superbattestation.com/.
  • Email - info@superbattestation.com.

You can either courier your document or visit our office for Embassy attestation.

Step by Step Process for Your Embassy Attestation Application at Superb Enterprises

Before sending your certificate to the administrators, we verify it from our side to prevent obstacles in the process. The following are the process we follow for your document's Embassy attestation.

  • We submit your document to the headquarters that issued it.
  • We send your certificate to the state department for verification according to its type.
  • Then, the certificate is submitted to the MEA for authentication validation and the MEA attestation stamp.
  • For final attestation, the document is submitted to the country Embassy where you are willing to go.

We either courier your Embassy attested document to your place or inform you to collect it from us.

Why Choose Super Enterprises for Embassy Attestation Services in Pune?

People approach Superb Enterprise for Embassy attestation in Pune for the following reasons.

  • We believe in and provide fast services, so our customers can trust us for their imperative needs to get attested documents.
  • We have been in the service of attestation for many years. In these years, we have made our place in different states of India.
  • Customer convenience is on top of our list of priorities.
  • We are authorized for attestation and document language translation service.
  • We provide you with the facility to track your attestation certificate process.
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