Birth Certificate Attestation in Pune

A birth certificate is an essential document you need to move abroad. A birth certificate attestation is a significant task to confirm the document's authenticity.

Superb Enterprise is an MEA-certified attestation agency in Pune that provides the best birth certificate attestation services.

Why Do You Need Attestation of a Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate attestation is necessary to use the document abroad for the following reasons.

  • To study in a foreign country
  • To migrate a child to a country abroad
  • To get a residence permit/visa

What Document Do You Need for Birth Certificate Attestation in Pune?

These are the necessary documents for a birth certification attestation in Pune.

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter

What is the Process of Attestation of Birth Certificate?

The following are the officials verifying your birth certificate for attestation.

  • Step-1 Regional Level Authentication

    An officer is appointed to complete the regional level of verification of a birth certificate.

  • Step-2 State Home Department Authentication

    The state home department verifies your birth certificate and proves it is authentic to get an embassy attestation.

  • Step-3 MEA Attestation

    The MEA, or Ministry of External Affairs, will affirm the legitimacy of your birth certificate with an MEA attestation stamp.

  • Step-4 Embassy Attestation

    The Embassy Attestation from your destination country proves the authenticity of a birth certificate.

How Much Does it Cost for a Birth Document Attestation in Pune?

The attestation cost depends on the type of document, the state department involved in the process, and the country embassy where you are willing to go.

How Many Days Will Take For Attestation of Documents in Pune?

The complete process of attestation finishes in ten to fifteen days, relying on the type of document, the state department, and the country where you want to go and need birth certificate attestation services.

How Can You Get A Birth Certificate Attested in Pune?

Super Enterprise is an MEA-authorised certificate attestation agency in Pune.

If you want to birth certificate attestation services in Pune, contact Superb Enterprise in the following ways.

  • Dial +91-206- 6040160, +91-814-9226699/ Mobile No.: +91-9221226226, +91-9319400306 to talk with professionals.
  • Chat with an expert https://www.attestationinpune.com.
  • Mail at pune@seplgroup.com
  • Courier your birth certificate or visit the Superb Enterprise Pune office for attestation.
Step by Step Process for Your Application at Superb Enterprises

Before sharing your document with the following officials for authentication verification, we check the authenticity of your birth certificate.

  • We submit your birth certificate to the administration from where it originates for verification.
  • The document sends to the state home department for verification and confirmation that a birth certificate is authentic for attestation.
  • To the MEA for verification and MEA attestataion.
  • To the consulate of the respective embassy of your destination country for an attestation stamp that confirms your birth certificate is bonafide.

We either courier your attested document to your place or notify you to collect it from the office.

Why Choose Super Enterprises Pune for a Birth Certificate Attestation?

You encounter the following benefits of taking services from an authorized certificate attestation agency in Pune.

  • We believe in providing fast and reliable services to match the necessary needs of our customers correlated with the attestation of documents.
  • Counties like UAE accept documents in the Arabic language to provide attestation. We are authorized to provide language translation services to convert your birth certificate into the native language of your destination country.
  • We have a document tracking service for our customers to track the attestation process of their birth certificates.
  • We are available in Pune as well as in every state of India to provide birth certificate attestation services in your comfort zone.
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